the owl & the ninja turtle.

 It's the day before Thanksgiving, it's not too late to post Halloween photos, right?

To be honest, I haven't had the time at all to blog, or sew, or anything really. Did I mention on this blog yet that I am expecting? I may not have... we are expecting! A baby due in just eight weeks. At this point I am in bed promptly after my kids are in bed, and up when one of my kids forces me, so gone are the days of making me time. Nope. Me time means sleep.

Also, my husband hogs the computer in the evening.

Moving on. This last Halloween I wanted to continue the tradition of making my littles their costumes. For weeks I had my heart set on a specific Dr. Suess theme, but then the weekend before Halloween rolled around and slapped me in the face and I realized I had little time left to work on this project I had scheming. Over breakfast, exactly one week from Halloween, I asked my two rosy-cheeked toddlers what they wanted to be for Halloween. The answers shot at my in quick, high pitched voices with little thought.

"Leonardo!" (the Ninja Turtle) was Elliott's answer.

"I be a owl!" Penelope said.

So, over the rest of the day, I thought about my supplies needed, how I would execute, and went to the fabric store the next morning. Behold! The Owl & the Ninja Turtle!

The truth is, these costumes were a tad big, and Penelope was mistaken for a Thanksgiving turkey on more than one occasion. But those facts were underwhelmed by the sheer excitement of dressing up as the exact thing they wanted, and they got to ask strangers for candy to boot!


  1. Charlotte you children are adorable and you are highly talented... get as much rest as you need, you will be a busy bee in the next couple of months... actually a busier bee then you already are xox


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