adeline love.

The truth is that as mothers we feel guilty about everything, and me writing this post is a situation no different. Our littlest babe joined us 7 weeks ago today and I am just now getting around to posting about it!

Born on January 26, 2016 at 2:34 PM after an incredibly short labor. At 7 pounds, half an ounce, and 20 inches long, she was my biggest baby to date! Considering she is my last baby, she will always be my biggest.

My recovery was nice and quick, and we all feel so much better now that she is here. I felt exhausted and grumpy those last weeks (hence the silence) but my mood lifted immediately after she was born. Our family is complete.

We will see if I can get her birth story up before her first birthday. ;)

See Elliott's birth announcement here & Penelope's here.


  1. She's beautiful Charlotte...I've been enjoying all the sweet pictures of her on Instagram ♡♡♡


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