easter 2016.

A few weeks late, but hey! A quick recap:

On Easter Sunday my husband's parents took Elliott and Penelope to see Zootopia right after breakfast. I was a bit nervous Elliott wouldn't make it through the film, as he seems to have a minor sensory processing disorder and is easily frightened by amplified sounds. He also has trouble paying attention to one thing for prolonged periods of time, as his cardiologist warned he is at high risk for ADHD. (Also, he's three! Let's give this kid some credit!) Penelope loves movies and would easily sit through an entire show. The report from Meemaw & Grampy was as we expected: some tears and short tantrums, but Elliott sat through most of the film on Meemaw's lap. He got antsy here & there, but overall did well for his first film.

Meanwhile, at home my husband Taylor & I prepped ham and a zucchini rice casserole for visitors, in between decluttering our house and caring for a two month old. Both of our families came over for an Easter feast, and the kids searched for Easter eggs in our backyard. It was a simple affair, but one centered around gathering together as a family in honor of the day. Penelope & baby Adeline wore matching dresses, of course, because I simply couldn't pass up putting my two girls in the same outfit on our first holiday as a family of five. I couldn't believe how positively grown up my two year old looked and my baby girl is just getting so big too.

I wasn't able to get a photo of all three of my babies, and after a few quick snaps during the egg hunt I had to put my camera down. This time is so fleeting, their littleness is rushing by, and I am getting older with every blink. I have been missing this space and hope to return with regular content, but it's just so hard, and I have to pick my priories. I choose them.


  1. Charlotte, enjoy those times... the blog will be here when you have more time but you are right... you children are only little once... they are sooo adorable xox


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