spring in our home.

Spring has sprung! Spring has sprung! Quite frankly, I am a California girl at heart with a true distaste for the cold. Every Spring I like to get my hands in the dirt, planting flowers & vegetables, weeding and pruning to my heart's content. The great thing about Spring is that I can tend to these tasks while the big kids play beside me, throwing rocks and riding their tricycles, asking far too many questions. I have vowed to put more care into a garden this year, as we are currently thinking of selling our home; it may be my very last Spring in this house. Only time will tell if it will truly pan out this way, but I have learned that the best life you have is the one you have now, so why not enjoy the circumstances, now? Even if we do sell our home before we harvest that first tomato, at least I got to breathe in that Spring air one last time on this plot of land. And if we don't sell, well, at least we have tomatoes!

After my Easter post last week I realized what has drawn me away from this space and what is now drawing me back. Winter was hard.... pregnancy was harder. Honestly, I am not sure if "pregnancy depression" is a term but I surely did have those winter blues. I hated every inch of myself in those final months and wasn't sure if having a third baby was really the right thing. Clearly, I was not in my right mind: I was exhausted. I don't think I have ever felt the trenches of exhaustion the way I did in those days, even the sleep deprivation I felt when bringing a newborn home (all three times) paled by comparison. I pretty much hated being alive in those days, but then life burst open wide and I gave birth to my littlest love. It's amazing what being not pregnant can do for a person!

So here we are, on the cusp of returning to work, at the heart of Springtime. I feel like a new person these days, and I know all too well that working mom life is really freaking hard. But I am up for the task, dear friends, and I have re-positioned this blog in a way to celebrate this season, the season while my kids are tiny and I have much to be happy about. To find the beauty in our very, very busy.

I am not sure if I will be able to post every week, let alone multiple times a week, but know my heart is in it. Here we are! A new season! Spring is here!