wilde sweet love, summer 2016.

A few nights back after dinner one night, a work day mind you, my beautiful little nuggets were driving me positively mad. All three of them! So I did what every desperate mama might do: I made them go outside. Our backyard is rather small & uninteresting at the moment, and to top it off it’s full of dog poo, so I pushed them out to our rather large, expansive front yard. We live on a very big corner lot, and our house is nestled right into the back corner, making the back rather tiny & the front & side yard rather large and lush. We hope this summer to completely re-do the back and fence in the side along with it, so we can build a lovely garden full of flowers & trees with more fun spaces to play… but for now it’s rather ho-hum for them. It means that at the moment, the front yard is more exciting, what with our big, dog poo-free lawn and long sloped driveway that’s perfect for tricycling.

Pushing them out in the front usually means I need to go out there too, to keep them out of the street and close by the house. Two & three year olds have a way of getting into mischief, and even though our street is quiet and our nosey, well-meaning neighbors are always keeping an eye on them too, I simply cannot let them play out front without watching. So, I laid out a blanket for baby to lay on, took out my camera & just let my kids be. Elliott and Penelope played in the dirt and ripped up healthy flowers (“weeds” they say) while Adeline cooed and looked up at the sky. Summer in SoCal can feel rather uninspiring when all the flowers start to dry up from the dry heat and the bugs are biting you more than the birds are singing to you. But there, on my front lawn, I got to capture their sweet faces, and holy smokes did my captures blow me away.

I would love to start taking seasonal portraits of these three, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to it, but I really do feel I will cherish these shots forever. How magical would it be to compare portraits of them over a year? Little kids really do change so much, and I cannot get over how much older and knowing my two big kids look in these photos. It makes me a bit sad, really. Elliott, with all the hard things he’s had to face already at such a tiny age… his soul just breathes so many more years in this photo. And my big girl, at times I feel being the middle is hard on her. Not the oldest & most trusted and not the baby, either. Floating somewhere in between. I know she craves more mama time and when I look into this photo I feel a twinge of guilt, and like I need some one on one time with her too. My littlest, oh what a joy she is! Rounding out our family in the best way, without so much as a fuss. She fits right in with the crazy in the best possible way. Not just tolerating it, but embracing it! Boy, am I ever so thankful for these three, my Wilde, my Sweet, and my Love.


  1. Charlotte, the pictures are awesome, it really captures you sweet children... I think summer is about enjoying the outdoors just using your imaginations... children really have them when they are given the opportunity to use them... and wow do they grow up, I found your blog when you were still pregnant with Penelope... and I can't believe how quickly she has grown up xox


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