welcoming autumn.

Summer, oh summer! I have to be honest, I am glad you’re gone. Summer in its beauty of long warm nights, brightly colored myrtle trees, summer vegetable gardens, and delicious barbequed food tend to get overshadowed by extended heat waves here in Southern California. A SoCal native, summer is, simply put, my least favorite season. Constant hot, sweaty weather and dead plants that we can’t even water because of a terrible drought, amplified by my busiest season at work and skyrocketing electric bills. No thank you, summer. Ta ta!

Now, autumn. Yes, autumn. I can get behind autumn. It cools off, and suddenly I can bake again. The nights are still warm enough (in SoCal, at least) to play at dusk outside with bare feet and a warm mug of cocoa won’t give you a hot flash. The leaves fall, and while the colors here aren’t necessarily worthy of an Instagram post they crunch beneath your feet and can be piled into magical cushions to be rolled around in. Yes, I see it. I get why autumn is so loved.

Summer is partly to blame for my break here on the blog, but I know full well now that in this season of motherhood taking time to write and post here is that of a luxury. Maybe it shouldn’t be, as this is one of the few things I enjoy that I can intrinsically call “mine,” but duty calls sometimes. It always does. I have three small children and a full time job for goodness sakes, not to mention a marriage that I value. Things can be put on the shelf to be dusted off later. All I hope is that the pilot light stays lit, and that when I’m called back, reminded so to speak, the fire is ignited. 

So much has transpired this summer!

-Elliott turned four and had a Batman birthday party! He also was cleared by the cardiologist for 6 months!

-Penelope’s third birthday was earlier this month, and she too had a party! Her My Little Pony cake was epic and now I’m constantly tripping over pink ponies with flowing rainbow hair.

-Adeline started solids, though it will be a while until she weans from nursing I am sure. She isn’t crawling yet, but she hops around on her little bottom and we affectionately call her “Scooter.”

-We started some renovations, and we feel so blessed & grateful that we get to do so. My husband’s studio is getting an overhaul, we are adding a big new laundry room, and our backyard is getting some big changes too!

I don’t know why, but I just feel so renewed each time October rolls around. I usually do. Four years ago this month Elliott was diagnosed with his heart condition, and we were a changed family forever. I often feel this bottlenecking of stress and obligations, activity and busy schedules each summer, much like I did those four years ago as a new mom who had this heavy weight on her shoulders, knowing something was amiss with her baby boy but not knowing exactly what. October and November were heavy times four years ago, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t also recognize the door that opened for us back in those days, too. So as I sewed my (three!) kids’ Halloween costumes up over the last few nights, I’ve had some time to think about that sense of renewal that this season brings. It’s a fresh start for us. A family starting their first holiday season as a family of five, the big kids now old enough to start remembering cherished family traditions. I surely hope they do.